This article will guide you through how to enable various alerts. 

It's worth noting that by default, a 'Low Battery' alert and - if applicable - a 'All new locations when moving' alert are automatically created. 

1. Open the Lightbug App or go to the Web Portal

2. Go to 'Settings', then to the 'Notifications' page  

2. Enable the alerts you would like to be notified of. The toggle will turn orange to show that the alert is now enabled. 

Status Alerts: Low Battery alert will trigger when the battery level reaches 30%. You can also trigger this when the battery level is 15%. 

Motion: Enable and disable the motion alert types that you would like notifications for

  • All new locations when moving alert will trigger when new locations updates are sent by the tracker but only when there is motion
  • Device starts moving alert will trigger when the device when a stationary tracker starts moving. Device stops moving alert will trigger when a moving device becomes stationary
  • A fall is detected alert will trigger when the tracker has been dropped
  • Tampering is detected alert will trigger when possible device tampering is detected

Delivery: In order to update how you are notified, you will need to go to the Account Tab. There you can enable the mobile push notifications, email alerts and API push notifications.

Zones: In order to set various geofencing alerts, you will need to go to the Geofence Editor Section in the Account Tab. 


  • To apply the new settings immediately, press the button on your tracker. If you don't have your tracker to hand, the tracker will update its settings the next time it is scheduled to send a location update. 

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