If you have not set up your first safe-zone (geofence) through the 'Tracker Settings' setup wizard, you can find out how to do so here

Now that you have a set up one safe-zone through the setup wizard, find out out how to set up other safe-zone areas. 

1. On the app go to Menu - 'Alerts' 

2. Select 'Create New Alert' 

3. On the popup page complete the following: 

3a.'Alert name' - here you should create the most appropriate name for your safe-zone, this name will be displayed on every notification you get for this alert. 

For example: 'Work Safe Zone', 'School Safe Zone', 'Home Safe Zone'. 

3b.'Alert Type' - select 'Geofence', 'Define Geofence' 

Safe-zone setup map - Tap the map to create your safe-zone area and select 'save'

3c. 'Delivery Type' - select how you would like to receive the alert. 

Enabling Email alerts will allow you to set which email you would like to receive the alerts on. Enabling Push to phone will send alerts in the form of notification to your smartphone.

3d. 'Mute this Alert for' - if you would like to mute your alarm after a certain period of time once being triggered, you can do so here. This step is not mandatory. 

4. Review the page to make sure you are happy with the new alert and then select 'save'.

Repeat these steps for additional safe-zones. 


  • In order to use this feature you will have to be on the Unlimited Data Plan as it allows for motion detection.

  • To apply the new settings immediately, press the button on your tracker. If you don't have your tracker to hand, the tracker will update its settings the next time it is scheduled to send a location update. 

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