If your LightBug tracker isn't functioning as it should there are a few simple things you can do to identify and solve the issue. Be sure to also check out the FAQ at the bottom of the article. 

Device Reset

If your device is not responding or is behaving oddly, you can reset your tracker by pressing and holding the button for 15 seconds.

Hint: Performing this reset will not affect your settings.

Troubleshooting FAQ

Why are location updates not instant?

Location updates are not instant in general as it takes time to get a GPS fix and if that fails the other location technologies come into action. After the location data is collected the tracker has to connect to the internet via the mobile phone network in order to send the location information.

Why is my tracker not transmitting?

Always give your tracker a couple minutes to send a location update and if that fails you can try the following:

- Make sure you have an active data plan on your tracker

- Make sure your tracker is charged, some battery drain might have occurred for a number of reasons

- Force a location update (hold tracker button for 3 seconds)

- Perform a reset (hold tracker button for 15 seconds)

- Ensure the tracker is in an area with good mobile phone coverage 

- Place the tracker outside for 5 minutes after completing all the above

Why is my tracker giving inaccurate locations?

Location accuracy depend on a number of variables, please refer to this article for more details on how these technologies work. Generally speaking here are a few good practices that help improve the location accuracy of your tracker.

- Avoid surrounding your tracker with metals as they block GPS and mobile phone signals

- To allow for more GPS locations to occur, try to place your tracker somewhere with a good line of sight with the sky

- Try to place your tracker with the logo facing up

- Increase GPS timeout, please refer to our User Manual on how to change the GPS settings 

- Make sure you have the correct settings, you might need to tweak your advanced settings. If you are unsure get in touch! 

Why is my battery not lasting as long as advertised? 

The advertised values are general guidelines, in reality there are many variables that affect battery life such as: 

- Where the tracker is mounted: with a clear line of sight with the sky, the tracker will use less power per location update 

- Is the tracker indoors? If the tracker is indoors more power will be used as the tracker will try to look for a GPS fix before attempting to locate itself via WPS or cell tower triangulation. Find out more about this here.

- Make sure you have WiFi and GPS Safe Zones set up where applicable 

- Motion sensitivity: it might be that your tracker is sending more location updates than it should because the motion sensitivity is too high. This usually occurs when the tracker is stationary but still sending location update. Reduce the motion sensitivity via your advanced configurations page.

If you still have queries, please get in touch with us!