Charging the Lightbug Zero is a simple as charging your mobile phone. 

1. Attach the Lightbug Zero to the magnetic charge cable or or place it into the charging dock

2. Plug the cable into a USB port or connect it to a wall adapter to plug it into a plug socket. 

Note: It is advisable to use an adapter plugged into a power socket rather than using a computer USB port or similar.

3. The tracker will confirm that the charger is connected with a sound and the LEDs on the Lightbug Zero will blink to indicate how much it has charged, it works like a power bank. 

Example: If the first 2 lights are on and the 3rd is blinking it means the battery is charging and the status of the charge is between 50% and 75%.

4. Once the device is fully charged, the LEDs will turn off (approximate charging time: 3 hours). 

If you have any additional questions about charging your Lightbug Zero, don't be afraid to reach out to us!